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Nicwon Ballet troop: A new question has arisen�why should a person learn to dance? Should anybody only learn dancing as a mere hobby or a feel for the art?

The primary goal of Nicwon is to try from its side in helping the rich tradition of India survive.

But Nicwon guides its members or the students to think that dance can be career. With this thought the ballet troop has took its shape.

The Nicwon ballet troop is successfully going forward. And its members are distributing sheer pleasure to the audience and it is well-known in its sphere too. That is why it is successfully taking part in different shows.

Nicwon Choir: Nicwon has also a choir. And that is equally successful. It is very much famous for its performance in the sphere of it. It has chosen singers who are great in choir performance and individual singing too.


Nicwon Theatre Unit:  We have thought that the realm of the drama can not be kept aside as ours is a center of performing arts.

The theatre of Bengal or in other words theatre in Bengali language must be spread to the extent possible. Yes, there are eminent personalities of theatre who are engaged in this act. But the question now is why Nicwon in this initiative?

Our thought is very simple. We have a few growing enthusiastic pupils who desire to venture in this path and want to take themselves to the height where just a few greats have become to place them at.

Besides these pupil also claim that there are also others who think likewise.

They do not want only to play or act in the very modern scripts; they think that we may revive the golden scripts or the great heritage writings of the great sons of Bengal in the form of drama.

The executive committee of Nicwon always values the opinion of all sorts. We have found it as a strong argument and have already begun to walk in that direction. We hope that we will become successful.


Chalar Pathe (Monthly wall magazine): We have a printed wall magazine which is published monthly. And in it we gather writing of eminent writers. And today it is a well recognized one to the public.

Here our thought is- why not give a chance to the budding writers to come to the public notice?

With this view we have started this section. We will first nurture the fellows from the initial level and when they will be ready to cater the public test we will publish their writings in our magazine. And also guide them to reach other media.


Arts & Craft: In this field Bengal has its own established fame. But due to lack of proper expose or for gradual decreasing interest of men to learn this, the field is losing its position.

We firmly believe that we can do something in this regards. We have gathered some of the great masters in the field of arts and crafts who are very much eager to pass their legacy to the coming generation. And we get response from a few fellows who are interested in learning these things.

And coming to the point of exhibition of these arts and crafts, we take our Nicwon Sanskritic Mela as one of the notable medium. Besides it we will and already have decided to go for exhibition to other venues/Mela or any chance of expose will be ventured to make our effort successful.


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Admission Notice:
Admission is going on in our different section in our different branches. If you are interested to call us for any show then contact us.
We are glad to inform, Nicwon has opened it's Computer institute Nicwon Computer Care. In this institute Nicwon is offering courses on Basic, DTP, Multimedia, Website Development. The people who are interested in learning these courses contact us immediately. There are some courses for the kids also. Our contact No:9674362132/6291644202(11am to 11pm)