Donation exempted u/s 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Nicwon is suffering from a financial crisis. If possible please stand beside us so that we can make this world a better world.

About Nicwon

Nicwon, a center for performing arts, is a government recognized organization, which aims at the cultural development of the present generation. Innovativeness, creativity and conviction are the three key words of Nicwon, which separates it from and also in the other way make it involved with the mass.

Nicwon is a secular organization and sees the people as Bengalies and above all as Indians and it never ties to put on any political color. The aim of the organization is to bring out the perspicacious nature of the common mass, make them do something which they had always intended to but never got a chance.

Nicwon values the rich cultural heritage of India and aims at preserving and spreading the same to everyone. For the very reason it has chosen the path of providing training in dance, drawing, instrumental music, recitation, singing, drama.

Now the question is what is new and unique in doing so? There are many great gurus and their succession to preserve the tradition and the legacy.

Nicwon aims at spreading the great traditions to the grass root level in a way that everyone does start to feel that those are for everyone. Some will take it as their profession but everybody will realize that they have to shoulder the responsibility to carry the tradition further to the next generation and on.

Nicwon is more than determined to do so and whatever the situation comes the Team- Nicwon will not retreat.

But Nicwon is suffering from economic deficiency. Some of the members try heartily to provide this. They meet up the expenses from their own pockets. If you love Nicwon or if you are a well-wisher of it we welcome you to come forward and help it. Nicwon is ready to get any type of help from all.

Do you want to join Nicwon? You are welcome! But the only condition is that you are to be a cultured person.

Do you have any advice or you have any opinion? Nicwon will certainly consider it with utmost importance. Do feel free to contact us. Let our goal be the success of Nicwon. Come together we will take Nicwon to the pick of its success.

Let our goal be the success of Nicwon. Come together we will take Nicwon to the pick of its success.

Admission Notice:
Admission is going on in our different section in our different branches. If you are interested to call us for any show then contact us.
We are glad to inform, Nicwon has opened it's Computer institute Nicwon Computer Care. In this institute Nicwon is offering courses on Basic, DTP, Multimedia, Website Development. The people who are interested in learning these courses contact us immediately. There are some courses for the kids also. Our contact No:9674362132/6291644202(11am to 11pm)