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Welcome To Nicwon

The journey of Nicwon started in the year 1994. Mr. Partha Nag, the founder of Nicwon, had a thought in his mind that there must be an initiative to preserve the gradual decaying cultural heritage of Bengal and India as a whole. Yes, there are others who are doing the same but people of Bally must not lag behind in doing so. So he started the process of conveying his inner thoughts to his friends first and slowly to the locals of the region. And he at the beginning got slow response but the patience bore its fruit and people started to gather and they gave birth to an organization named Nicwon.

Nicwon thanks to people who were and are associated with it. It is they for whom it has grown up to a banyan tree from a little feeble sapling.

Nicwon provides teaching and workshops in dance, music ,drawing, theatre ,creative writings and also teaches computer.

In the dance section Nicwon provides workshops and class in Bharatnattyam, Katthak, Manipuri, Folk dance and Creative dance, Rabindra Nritya.

In the vocal music section Nicwon offers teaching in classic music, Rabindra Sangeet, Najrul Geeti, Folk song, Bhakti Geeti and Modern songs.

In theatre unit Nicwon provides teaching and workshops in acting .

Besides these Nicwon also provide teaching in Recitation, drawing and also publish a printed wall magazine named 'Nicwon Chalar Pathe' in Bally Railway 2-3 no. platform.

Nicwon not only provides tuitions it also arranges for the certification in all above mentioned disciplines. Nicwon aims at helping the students establish in their respective fields so that they can shoulder the responsibility to carry the heritage of our nation forward.

See the photos of the Nicwon Cultural Fair click here.

Admission Notice:
Admission is going on in our different section in our different branches. If you are interested to call us for any show then contact us.
We are glad to inform, Nicwon has opened it's Computer institute Nicwon Computer Care. In this institute Nicwon is offering courses on Basic, DTP, Multimedia, Website Development. The people who are interested in learning these courses contact us immediately. There are some courses for the kids also. Our contact No:9674362132/6291644202(11am to 11pm)